Commercial law

About commercial law

We take care of legal advice and defense for both individuals and companies.

From this area we provide advisory services in all types of corporate relationships that may take place throughout the life of a company.

detailed services:

  • Drafting and modification of statutes
  • Representation at General Meetings
  • Acquisitions, mergers or spin-offs
  • Dissolutions and liquidations
  • Bankruptcy of creditors
  • We offer a professional service in the negotiation, formalization and resolution of contracts:
    Sale, rental, renting or leasing
  • Financing of supply, guarantee (guaranties, mortgages…), franchise, work, intellectual or industrial property (patents, trademarks…)
  • Likewise, we are responsible for the management of commercial relationships (with commercial agents, distributors or mediators), as well as all issues related to trade and consumer law: advice to consumers and consumer organizations, updating contracts to new legislation. about consumers…