labor law

About labor law

The Firm, in the field of Labor Law and Social Security, offers, thanks to a specialized labor team, legal advice on all matters related to labor relations (in the public and private sphere) and social security, assistance prior to judicial proceedings and legal assistance before the social jurisdiction.

Detailed services:

Employment in the public sector:

Civil servants (career and interim). Temporary personnel and labor personnel (indefinite and temporary – conversion into non-permanent indefinite).

Employment in the private sector:

  • Employment contract: Obligation to deliver a basic copy. Trial period. Full dedication agreement. Non-compete agreement. Modalities of employment contract.
  • Rights and duties in the employment relationship: Right to effective employment. Right to promotion and professional training. Duties of the worker in the execution of the work.
  • Business control powers: Use of telephone, internet and email. The fingerprint. Verification of the worker’s illness or accident status.
  • Professional classification and functional mobility.
  • Working time: Working day. Vacation. Work shifts. Extraordinary hours. Permits and reduction of working hours. Suspension of the employment contract: leaves of absence.
  • Substantial modification of the employment contract.
  • Company succession.
  • Expire of the job contract.
  • Claims for dismissals┬á(Dismissal for objective cause. Disciplinary dismissals.
  • Collective dismissals). Assistance at SMAC. FOGASA claims.
  • Misdemeanors and disciplinary sanctions.
  • Prevention of occupational hazards:
  • Surcharge of benefits for violation of occupational risk prevention regulations.
  • Prior and judicial claim against administrative sanctions for violation of occupational risk prevention regulations.
  • Social Security:
  • Social Security benefits: Retirement pension. Pre-retirement. Early retirement.
  • Temporary disability. Permanent disability: Partial. Total. Absolute. Great disability. Work accidents.
  • Infractions and administrative sanctions.

Accidents and occupational diseases:

We have extensive experience in claiming compensation for processing and monitoring work accidents, understood as any injury suffered by a worker as a result of the performance of any of their job duties.