One of the legislative projects that fell by the wayside due to the early – and surprising – call for general elections was the so-called Family Law, where the core spirit of the norm was to redefine the concept of “family”, and cover a greater number of social realities that were separated from the existing traditional concept. Such a circumstance, as could not be otherwise, had consequences in other legal areas: social aid, legal relations between its members, impact on the labor sphere, etc.

Among many other issues that were included there, the draft regulates a series of permits for workers. These work permits, which initially seemed to have died along with the Family Law, turned out to be a matter of extraordinary and urgent need, and were resurrected thanks to the powers that the Government has in legislative matters – and the magic of the electoral campaign. in Royal Decree Law 5/2023. Thus, the Council of Ministers issued a norm that has turned out to be an amalgamation of matters of various kinds and no connection between them, spread over 226 articles and just over 200 pages.